Aug 16, 2012

The First 'Mater of 2012 w. Gingi

This year I decided that I would share my very first German Johnson tomato with my dearest grandmother, who's in the hospital with neuropathy.  All my life she has shared her German Johnsons with me.  Whether it was her last, first, or only tomato, she was willing to share.  Going to visit her, no matter the season, she always had tomatoes in her window seal, and she always asked "Do y'all need any tomatoes?" She would also offer any other vegetable she had in her dehydrator or that she had just picked from her garden that same day.

So, I made a promise to myself, and to Facebook, I guess, that I would share the very first one with her, no matter the size, shape, or condition.  And so I did. I let this special first 'mater sit in my kitchen window seal and ripen to perfection, until it had that deep red color, and until the skin turned soft and tender, making sure there were no green spots on the top near the stem.  And when this perfection had been achieved, I made a special appointment with the hubby, because once it was ready, we had to go.  When I pulled that perfectly ripened 'mater out of my pocket book (just like Gingi herself would have done), her eyes lit up, "Is that a German Johnson?"  "Yes Ma'am," I answered.  I told her my promise, and she replied, "ain't that sweet."

I told her that it was a small tomato, but it was the first, so I had to share it, no matter the size.  She said in reply, "it's enough for me and you to both have some." I of course had to agree with her.  I laid the 'mater down on her little cart, waiting for her dinner tray, so she could have it with her other food.  After waiting for awhile, she finally said, "go see if the nurses will give you some plates and a fork."  She did not want to wait!!

Ok, so I went on a treasure hunt, and was able to find some small styrofoam plates, but no utensils. Luckily I had brought a knife to slice it with, but Charles had to hunt down some eating utensils, and all they had was plastic spoons.  Gingi said she thought she could handle eating it with a spoon, and we both laughed, because I think she would have eaten it with her fingers if I would have let her.  Before I could get the tomato sliced, she asked, "You got some salt?"  Of course I made sure we had salt.  I know better than that!

So I handed her the two biggest slices, sprinkled with salt, and the plastic spoon.  She got really quiet.  After the first bite, she exclaimed, "there just ain't nothing better."  WOW. It was the best mater moment ever!  I am so glad I did this with her. She is getting on up there in age, and we just never know these days how much longer she will be able to enjoy maters with us.  I am so glad that I am able to share something that I grew in my own yard with someone who I know will enjoy it the way she did. Of course I took a picture, caught her tongue out, spoon full of mater going in.....that is what it's all about!


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